Friday, July 27, 2007


Just got my RoboMop by redemption through Maybank.

Lazy to sweep your floor? Getting allergic symptoms every time you sweep the floor? Or worse, having to pull out every strand of hair stuck to your broom?

Introducing RoboMop!!

At first when i saw it, the Malaysia free type looked exactly the same as the real RoboMop. Have a closer look. Can u spot any difference?

Free version..

The real RoboMop!!

My wife can't wait to try it! Check out our first youtube own made RoboMop advertisement!

The end result! Quite satisfying I would said.
Interested to get one, especially those who got allergic rhinitis?

Recommended by PharmaLogik
My wife rated RoboMop 4.5/5!

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