Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Credibility and professionalism

How to increase professionalism?
A person will judge another person by its appearance. How true is it? For me, i think it is almost 100% true. As a professionals, appearance of cleanliness is very important. Especially in a place where medicines are kept.

Most of the time, the public always have the perception that young people are inexperienced. Some of them lack of confidence in our words or advice even when our words are supported my evidence eg, clinical evidence. Maybe by displaying my collections of certificates, degrees will help. Ha ha...

From this (only required by the laws)

Into THIS!!!This is my collections of certificates from attending various type of continuous pharmacy educations. I am still thinking is this sufficient, as i got some more. Let me see how the public response first.

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ted said...

Hahahahah.... you put up all the HUKM CPE??? How's response so far I'd like to know... PPl got respect you more o not?