Thursday, April 17, 2008

Abbott Natopherol Bio Enhanced 250IU Vitamin E

My pictures how? Taken with my 450D
Why do we take vitamin E?
1) Age related macular degeneration. Taking Vit E 400IU, +zinc 80mg +Vitamin C 500mg +beta carotene 15mg daily provide a risk reduction of 27% for visual acuity loss and risk reduction of 25% for progression of AMD in patients with advanced AMD.
2) Alzheimer's disease.
3) Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency. Taking Vit E 800IU alone or with selenium reduced hemolysis and reticulocytosis and increased red blood cell half life.
4) Infertility. Males with asthenospermia ir oligoasthenospermia achieved impregjation at a rate of 21% compared to none for similar patients receiving placebo.
5) Parkinson's disease. Decrease occurrance with natural vit E.
6) Bladder cancer. Taking 200IU for greater than 10 years seems reduce the risk of bladder cancer mortality.
7) Prementrual Pain. Reduces symptoms of anxiety, craving and depression.
8) Physical performance and muscle strength in elderly people.
9) Rheumatoid arthritis. Vit E taken with standard therapy is superior for reducing pain.
10) Sunburn. Protect skin inflammation after exposure to UV.
11) and so on.......(lazy to type) Ask your pharmacist for more....

Pls note that Vit not effective in benign breast cancer, cardiovascular (heart) disease, lung cancer, etc.
As for me, i am taking this Vitamin E everyday. Okok...maybe sometimes i forget, i take once every two days...Always consult the health care professionals.


ws pang said...

nice pix .. hahaha

Ted said...

You know having an ST-E2 will do wonders...nice pix by the way.

Hypochrondriac said...

Do ordinary, brandless Vit E carry the same benefits ?

BTW,your Canon must sleep in electric dry cupboard.Self-made dry box doesn't work in this climate.Hungry hippo doesn't even work in wardrobe!Two weeks and it's a tub of water you get.It is more expensive to send your Canon for fungus cleaning than to maintain an electric dry cupboard 24hrs a day.I have one unit at home for the last 10yrs....still not due to change electric unit yet.

ws pang said...

poison here.

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