Saturday, December 01, 2007

Is pharmacy retail profession really good?

How much margin do u think pharmacy is making for each sale transaction?

Ask the pharmacist

1) <2% Is it possible? Yes, we offer blood pressure and referral letter to hospital free of charge. For blood glucose test and cholesterol test, we only charge for the strips and lancets. We consider this as our profession service.

2) 2-10% Most of our medicine margin in this group especially for common medicine.

3)10-30% Enough to cover. We do have products at this range. Or else, we wouldn't have survive until now.

4) 30-50% Living comfortably. Hard to achieve, i would said. That is why i am still using the hard backside car.

5) >100% Blood sucking? I don't know who are the people who vote for this...and i really hope that this perfect situation will come true somehow. Right now i dont even dare to dream to Maybe by selling Nospan, codeine cough syrup, sleeping pills, Cofdex etc to drug abuser? But as the name implies, pharmaLOGIK do not deal with drug abuser.
Don't believe me? Send your son/daughter to study pharmacy after Form 6, then work as houseman in hospital for 1 year, then serve the government 3 years, and open his own pharmacy, then u will know the truth.

Come back to my question: Is pharmacy retail profession really good? Ask your neighborhood retail pharmacist.


ws pang said...

Retail pharmacist not really as good as wht normal ppl think. everyday deal with super @%#@$^@%#$%$^^$% nasty customer. they torture us, then happy.. let us earn 10%. CRAZY ppl.

Selling nospan, codeine syrup.. i sell i sell.

Philip said...

do you know any one who is interested in starting a retail business in Kuantan? There one very profitable retail pharmacy up for sale.

Ted said...

I think parents are thinking twice now after reading your post lol...

See Teck said...

i always though that retail pharmacy business is a good business!!!!

shinyin_jocelyn said...

pharmacy, study hard, easy job... at least you don't have to work 36hours straight, endless on-calls and get shoot by seniors MO or specialist...