Saturday, May 12, 2007

Royal cookies yum yum!!!

I love cookies...just like Sesame Streets Cookie Monster.
Who dont like cookies? Especially chocolate cookies, which is my favourite.

So when i saw the offer from a leading retail chain pharmacy, i cant stop myself and get one box of Premium Chocholate Chip Cookies. Yum Yum (i think)
Royal cookies? Supposed to eat by the royalties?

Chunky Chips with BIG Chocholate Flavour!!!

Premium Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!

Product of Malaysia!!! Malaysia BOLEH!!!!

My cookies????? Comparing with the first picture..
Is it the same? Anyone can tell me?Or is it my eye??

Is this leading chain pharmacy or the manufacturer lead by this gang?

1 comment:

Wee Siang said...

erm... may be baked too long, become dark chocolate colour.