Friday, November 17, 2006

Oath of a Pharmacist

I vow to devote my professional life to the service of all humankind through the profession of Pharmacy above other considerations.

I will consider the welfare of humanity and relief of human suffering through optimal drug therapy and the best pharmaceutical care.

I will keep abreast of developments and the latest pharmaceutical care to assure the best care to the community and other healthcare providers.

I shall strive to perfect and enlarge my knowledge to contribute to the advancement of pharmacy profession.

I will maintain the highest principles of moral, ethical and legal conduct.

May I prosper and live long in favor as I keep and hold to this oath and support the professional law.

I take these vows voluntarily with full realization of the responsibility with which I am entrusted by the people of Malaysia.

Pharmacy Students’ Oath Committee,

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Universiti Sains Malaysia

August 2004.


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