Saturday, October 14, 2006

Microlife Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

The antihypertensive (lowering blood pressure) therapy has been associated with 35%-40% reduction in stroke inciden, 20-25% reduction in myocardiac infarction (heart attack) and >50% reduction in heart failure. One must know this is a serious medical conditions and it should be treated promptly.

Here in pharmalogik, we carry an inexpensive yet reliable machine to test your blood pressure.

Microlife BP 3AG1

High Accuracy
Easy To Use
One Touch Operation
Fuzzy Logic Technology
Oscillometric measuring method
3 years warranty
Clinically Tested BHS a/a- accoding to British Hypertension Society ProtocolQuality Seal from German Hypertension Society
Made in Switzerland (Quality assurance)

4x AA batteries (will last more than a year)
1x Life Time Warranty Digital Pen Type Thermometer (Beeper Function+1 data memory+ 60 sec fast time testing)

Manual download

Pharmalogik is now offering the machine at a very attractive price. Email me for more info. Delivery can be done via pos laju. Buyers will need to deposit money into Maybank account. Or you can search for counterp2 at for list of things i sell.

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p98h said...

I also like Microlife brand for previous version bcoz is partial auto setting. As u known v might facing different body size of customers. So i prefer setting the pressure by myself to get more accurate results. Nowadays, those cheap version models r already fix the pressure setting which may be re-pump few times n hence reveal not so accurate results. Do u agree with me?