Friday, February 01, 2019

My trip to Osaka, Day 1

Yup, it had been four year since i last posted in my blog.

I grew to become quite a procrastinator of my blog page because of my work. I was working from 9am-9pm in 2 pharmacies until in 2017, i decided i should closed it down one for good. It is not easy because i will loss a source of income. Looking back in 2019, it was a blessing because i was able to shift most of my customer to my other pharmacy, (Farmasi Lee MS) and now i have more control on my life and also families life. I get to send, watch my kids in school and our relationship never been closer.

Now let me catches up with the post that i want to write, my first Japan trip. I hope i can still remember the details.

This trip happened in 26th of November 2014,  as i departed from Teluk Intan by bus. I was travelling alone, so i preferred to use bus instead of driving alone.

Me in the bus. Quite comfy though. 

 I departed from Bandar Baru using the star bus next to DAP service center and arrived around 3 hours later. 

You can see clearly from this picture our ringgit exchange rate is just around 3.49 at that time.

Arriving at quite late i took some time off in the Plaza Premium Lounge for a rest and to charge my hand phone. I was quite desperate to charge it because i know my flight to Japan is going to take more than 8 hours and i had used up most of my phone battery in bus.

The environment here was nice and calm for me to relax. Too bad it was a bit late when i entered into the lounge as they don't serve anymore food after 11pm.

 Sitting inside the air plane. 

 The Air Asia X's chair was small. Although it was soft but it starts to be uncomfortable after few hours because of the full house. I cannot imagine how i was able to endure 7 hours flight sitting in the middle of the row, maybe the excitement helps.  

 The food looks good, but i lost my appetite after i opened the package. Luckily they provide some chillies sause to save my taste.

I arrived in the Kansai International Airport
 Our Japanese tour guide under Mayflower company.

 We was served with Onigiri, a delicious triangular shape rice balls for breakfast. 

A beautiful tree during Autumn. 

Some of the buildings in Japan

This is my first visit, Osaka Castle!!

There is also a Dome Capsule there!

Picture with Kinsmedic General Manager

Can you spot any rubbish? There is no rubbish because there is no dustbin around. We are required to carry a plastic bag and put whatever things we want to dispose and carry it back into the bus!

Super clean

In Malaysia, the bus driver will go for a rokok break  or playing hand phone while waiting for us, but in Japan, the driver will be busy cleaning, wiping until the bus is shining! Have you ever seen tourist bus like this clean in Malaysia?


After that we proceed to have a lunch at

It was much better than any Japanese food in Malaysia. 

This is also where i met and know some new friends from Alpro Pharmacy. 

This picture i must take, super advance toilet. Only available in Japan. 

Next visit to Tenmangu Shrine

Next destination, 
Shinsaibashi and Dotonburi Shopping District, 

A pharmacy in Japan

This restaurant serving puffer fish, but we dont dare to eat. Takut mati

The landmark Glico Man 

This is a must to take picture with the Glico Man

 Stop for steamboat 
We all ate until like that cat. To be continued.....

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